Xplosiv Flood Stim Free Pump Complex 30/15 Serves

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Product Overview

Are you ready for pumps like none you’ve experienced before? FLOOD is our hottest new stim-free pump complex to take your workouts to the next level.


After powering tens of millions of Kiwi workouts for the past decade, we know which ingredients get you the results that you want, and which flavours are unbeatable. FLOOD combines the best of what we’ve learnt for the ultimate stimulant free pump experience! This formula is designed to give you:


RAZOR FOCUS: Make your workout focus RAZOR SHARP. With nothing else on your mind while you’re training, smashing through your previous records will feel

BLOOD FLOW SUPPORT: With optimal blood flow and nutrient delivery to your hardworking muscles, look forward to mind blowing pumps and the ability to train harder, for longer.

ZERO CAFFEINE: Stimulants optional! Use FLOOD as a stimulant free pre-workout, or stack with another pre for supercharged pumps and focus.


Available in two insanely good flavours:

BLIZZARD: Blue Lemonade

INVASION: Strawberry Lime


FLOOD represents the ultimate in versatility, and can be customised to your preference by using either 1 or 2 scoops. Grab yours today and get the blood FLowing!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review