Thermal Labs Carbon - Ecdysterone 60 Capsules

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Product Overview

Thermal Labs introduces CARBON – A natural anabolic formula featuring the potent Ecdysterone to give you unrivalled muscle gains, enhanced performance, and an elevated quality of post-workout repair.


When Thermal Labs set out to bring an anabolic supplement to the market, they wanted a SUPERIOR product to give you unrivalled results. CARBON features Ecdysterone, a clinically researched natural steroid belonging to the Ecdysteroid family that has considerable benefits for body composition and strength related performance in humans. A recent trial looking at oral supplementation with Ecdysterone in conjunction with weight training in healthy young participants showed noticeable elevation in muscular hypertrophy, as well as significant increases in one-repetition max bench press. If you’re a serious lifter looking for your next edge after already maximizing your diet and training, Ecdysterone can push you one step closer to your true potential.


Ecdysterone is not anabolic-androgenic, and it does not interact with androgen receptors or influence your natural hormonal system. You get all the benefits, with none of the side effects. And, without any additional ingredients or fillers, Thermal Labs CARBON ensures you get the purest Ecdysterone formula to cultivate your optimal muscle building environment. With CARBON, Thermal Labs has set a new industry standard for muscle building and performance enhancement that you won’t want to be without.



  • Carbon contains Ecdysterone, a naturally occurring compound that has anabolic properties in humans
  • Ecdysterone has been described as Turkesterone’s big brother – it’s similar, but SUPERIOR
  • Ecdysterone has human study data showing its effectiveness for both MUSCLE BUILDING and ENHANCED PERFORMANCE
  • Ecdysterone does NOT interact with androgen receptors or affect your natural hormonal system
  • Ecdysterone has NO side effects typical of other anabolic supplements
  • Ecdysterone has been shown to be SAFE in human studies to date and cause no elevation of kidney or liver toxicity markers
  • Carbon not only assists with the creation of an optimal muscle building environment, but supports the quality and efficiency of recovery post-workout


(No reviews yet) Write a Review