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Product Overview

  • Large 600ml
  • Clump-breaking screen

With a large 600 ml volume plus enough space to shake and get your drink properly mixed, it’s the ideal container whether you mix your drinks before you leave or prefer to shake them up on the road.

The integrated scale on the shaker bottle and transparent design mean you’re guaranteed to get accurate measurements every time. Plus, there’s even a removable screen to help break up your powder and prevent clumps, and the integrated spout on the lid lets you enjoy your drink right out of the shaker, or close it up for leak-free carrying anywhere.

Fill it with your favorite protein powder, meal replacement, or BCAA powder and then add cold liquid when you’re ready to shake ‘n drink, or shake it all up before you hit the road and add some ice so it stays cool. Whatever you need and wherever you go, this is the perfect shaker cup to make sure you never miss out on your vital nutrients.


Get our convenient, reliable, and affordable Shaker cup as your perfect companion whether you find yourself needing to mix drinks at home, in the gym, on the road, at the office, or on vacation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review