Mutant Liquid Carnitine 1500

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Product Overview

MUTANT LIQUID CARNITINE 1500 is a great tasting, stimulant-free, fortified L-carnitine supplement. Carnitine has long been used by dieters and athletes looking to boost energy and achieve that 'in shape' look fast! Pure potency, no carbs, no sugars and no fillers: 1500 mg of pure L-Carnitine plus Vitamins B5 & B6 fortified for triple action metabolic support.‡

  • • Fast acting liquid delivery
  • • Stimulant free
  • • Metabolic support formula
  • • 1500 mg of 100% pure L-Carnitine
  • • 32 servings
  • • Tastes great
  • • Lab tested ingredients


(No reviews yet) Write a Review