Mutant Crea-Kong

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Product Overview

MUTANT CREAKONG combines 3 high quality creatine blends that promote strength gains, muscle growth and maximum training endurance.

Everyone knows creatine works...there are over 300 studies that show after protein, creatine is the number one muscle building formula. The main goal of creatine is to deliver muscle size & power.

The creatine blends in Mutant Creakong are supported by clinical studies who used 'actual' human studies to prove efficiency & effectiveness.

Mutant Creakong is the total solution for your creatine requirements. A blend of the three (3) best creatines on the planet, sourced directly from the patent holders themselves. This is simply the best pure creatine formula ever. Each creatine in MUTANT CREAKONG is supported by actual human studies, showing increases in lean muscle mass, maximum strength, and other performance markers. This isn't some gimmick formula. Mutant Creakong contains nothing but the best creatines in the world.

For high intensity exercise.  Increase performance and no fillers.  Mutant Creakong features the top 3 creatines that help build muscle and strength.

Mutant Creakong Creatine features:


  • Premium multi-creatine blend that helps build strength & muscle
  • 3 creatines exclusively, with actual human performance research
  • No fillers, no bull

Mutant NZ


(No reviews yet) Write a Review