MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein

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Product Overview

Muscletech Phase 8 is a multi-stage release protein powder which offers up to 8 hours of support for your muscles. The 6 blends of protein offered in this premium quality product are all milk derivatives to ensure optimal bioavailability for potent results.   When performing resistance training, your muscles accumulate microtrauma which needs to be repaired in order for your muscles to grow. The ability to provide a rapid source of quality amino acids, as well as sustain the resulting muscle protein synthesis for as long as possible is essential. The multi phase delivery system offered by Phase 8 provides the quick release of amino acids for post workout, and medium and slow digesting proteins which will take hours to full digest.

Muscletech Phase 8 benefits:

  • Energise your body during your workout session
  • Provides repair and recovery of your muscles
  • Enhances your workout performance

Muscletech Phase 8 features:


  • Low Carb & Fat
  • 6 blends of protein offer 8 hour timed release
  • Promote muscle recovery and growth
  • Anti-catabolic support
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Milk derived protein blends


(No reviews yet) Write a Review