MuscleTech Peak Series Dual-Phase Protein 2Lbs

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Product Overview



MuscleTech®’s Peak Series Protein is engineered to take your performance to the top. This protein features 25g of a precise 50:50 whey/casein blend. We’ve chosen this precise blend because the combination of fast- and slow- absorbing proteins means that your body will be fueled both right away for a quick protein boost and over a longer period while promoting muscle growth. Peak Series Protein also features scientifically studied ProHydrolase® for amplified amino absorption, making it the highest quality formulation bar none. We designed this formula with hand picked ingredients, meaning no fillers and fluff – the best quality for your best results yet.


MuscleTech Peak Series Protein is designed for everyone, from active men and women and fitness enthusiasts to high-performance athletes, powerlifters, crossfitters, bodybuilders and endurance athletes. If you’re craving superior muscle strength support, endurance and increased lean mass, this is the product for you.


MuscleTech® Peak Series supplements are engineered to maximize your results and optimize your life. Introducing the highest quality formulations, for products beyond all reproach. Designed with ingredients hand picked for a specific reason and dosed at fully disclosed, clinically studied amounts. No more hyperbole. No more BS. Just real results. That is our promise to you.

MuscleTech® Peak Series Protein also features ProHydrolase® for superior protein absorption. In a clinical study on protein digestion, when subjects consumed protein in combination with ProHydrolase®, they experienced an improved increase in amino acid levels in the blood by an average of 20% in comparison to taking protein alone.

Peak Series Protein is formulated with 25g of premium protein. The 50:50 blend, primarily from 97% whey protein and micellar casein, provides a rapid and sustained release to trigger immediate and prolonged macronutrient delivery.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review