Darkside Ultra Shred X (Muscle Building Fat Burner)

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Product Overview

Enhance your muscle growth, and amplify your fat-burning with the all NEW Darkside Ultra Shred X. 


Darkside Supps have taken supplements to the next level with Ultra Shred X – a unique, caffeine-free body recomposition supplement formulated to enhance muscle building capacity, amplify fat burning, and increase testosterone production for the ultimate physique and training results.


Ultra Shred X contains a range of effectively dosed ingredients that work synergistically to promote an anabolic environment while also encouraging a boosted metabolic rate and the regulation of estrogen and cortisol. Bound to impress both beginners and experienced supplement users alike, Ultra Shred X will deliver you the results that your hard work deserves.



  • Improves body recomposition
  • Increases muscle building capacity
  • Enhances fat burning
  • Promotes greater energy and libido
  • Contains a high dose of vitamin D3


(No reviews yet) Write a Review